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If you are here to learn about the APPLICATION of accounting and finance, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve taught thousands of financial and non-financial professionals to be more effective in managing and directing their organizations using data processes, financial reporting, and management analysis.  


These topics scare most people.  For new financial professionals, getting lost in the weeds of preparing financial information prohibits them from standing back and appreciating the bigger picture.  For non-financial professionals, executives, directors or entrepreneurs – financial information is even more intimidating.  Our approach is to demystify finance and accounting and allow you to quickly and easily UNDERSTAND and ACT on the financial information in front you.  This is your FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Financial Intelligence


Financial intelligence is a must have skill for anyone who want to advance their careers to the highest levels.

Financial Intelligence is:

  • Reading financial reports to evaluate performance, risk, and strategy. 
  • Assessing the credibility of financial information and probing where and when necessary to uncover key issues.
  • Using financial information to make long-term investment and financing decisions.

Financial Intelligence isn't:

  • Preparing the financial information and associated reports.
  • Assembling analysis to present to stakeholders to make decisions.
  • Memorizing formulas or accounting rules.

Learn More About Financial Intelligence

Meet Jennifer Nicholson CPA and Blair Cook CPA MBA in this short introduction video. Together they have decades of experience in both the classroom and the boardroom. The Finance Learning Academy brings to your phone or laptop their expertise and experience.   They will help you gain confidence with managing and making decisions using the financial information of your organization.  Accounting and Finance is the language of today’s modern businesses.

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About Your facilitators

Finance Learning Academy

Hi there! By day, I’m a regulator with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.  I have a long career as a financial executive and advanced educator with over 25 years’ leadership experience. I am passionate about financial leadership training and coaching. Together with Blair, we help our customers to get to the next level through innovative, engaging learning and practical and experience-based coaching. 


I have a broad skill set and experience in all key facets of an organization including operations management, strategic planning, business development, investor relations, human resources, and project management.  I have served on the multiple boards during my careers in executive capacities including: Bluenose International Marathon, Saint Mary’s University, and CAMPUT.


My special areas of expertise are in communication and presentation skills. I also have an excellent understanding of and experience with public and private company stakeholder reporting and disclosure requirements.

Finance Learning Academy

Welcome! I’m a financial executive, corporate director, and professional development innovator. I’m really passionate about business and finance, particular in the for-profit sectors. I really enjoy working with different companies on all matters pertaining to business. I’m a seven-time CFO and have worked in public companies and private equity. I’m also a corporate director for a number of Canadian public companies and many time audit committee chair. I firmly believe that the more exposure to different types of business one gets, the more that can be learned, shared, and improved.


I co-founded Executive Finance Partners in 2012 with my partner Jen, but really, I’ve been involved in higher education and professional development since 1996. I love sharing my own ideas and learning from the experiences of others.


My special area of expertise is in finance transformation.  I’ve worked with multiple turnarounds and growth companies, which each came with unique challenges for the Office of the CFO.

What Will You learn?

In our program, you will cover all facets of financial intelligence.  At various points, you will be asked to exercise your own financial intelligence using real financial information.  The program includes the following topics:


Still want to know more? Why not check out the program. Preview the first lesson at no risk. Heck, if you aren’t completely satisfied with this program, we offer a full-money back guarantee for the first 30 days.  In finance, we call this is risk-free opportunity. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

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